Our Streets, Our Say - Policing in Richmond Cover of 'Our Streets, Our Stay - Policing in Richmond - RTAP Report'

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  1. In Richmond, Virtually all Juveniles Stopped for Curfew Violations Were African-Americans
  2. Mike Herring Says Richmond Can’t Combat Crime Without Addressing Public Housing
  3. Concerns follow Richmond Police plans to upgrade record management system
  4. Op-Ed: True Equity For Richmond Must Include Law Enforcement
  5. Requester’s Voice: Richmond Transparency and Accountability Project
  6. Richmond police data indicate racial disparities in contacts with public; activists call for change
  7. Episode #10: Who Polices RPD?
  8. Group raises concern over RPD’s record management system
  9. Municipal Mania Episode 55- April 3, 2019
  10. Open Source RVA March 29, 2019
  11. Data Show Disproportionate Contacts Between Richmond Police and African-Americans
  12. Know Your Rights event held to teach VCU students about police encounters
  13. Social justice coalition urges mayor, police to make policing data public
  14. Race Capitol RVA Special: My Lens + Data Matters in Justice
  15. Calls for Transparency Persist, as Richmond Police Release Data
  16. Richmond residents discuss concerns about police stops of African-Americans