1. Community led meetings held where people shared their experiences with policing in Richmond
    2. Testimonies and feedback from the community led meeting were presented to RPD chief and Council Members
    3. September 5 - LAJC FOIA’s RPD for Use of Force and Civilian Complaint policies and data
    1. February - After months of public pressure, RPD begins releasing its data on Use of Force and Civilian Complaints
    2. June - RTAP continues to push for more information about pedestrian and traffic stops. RPD refused.
    3. September 27 - Mayor Stoney meets with RTAP and exerts political pressure on RPD to release more data. Stoney agrees to release data without fees
    4. November 14 - Stoney letter promising public input on RMS
    1. January - March - Between January and March, the requested pedestrian contact and traffic stop data was released by RPD
    2. May 15 - Stoney failed to respond to and follow-up letters.
    3. June - Mayor Stoney breaks his promise to listen to community needs with a meeting by June concerning how RPD captures and shares data on policing with the public.
    4. June - RTAP mobilizes at City Council meeting demanding Councilors pressure Mayor Stoney and RPD to listen to community input.
    5. June 14 - RTAP sends a letter to Reva Trammel requests that either the June 25th Public Safety Committee meeting be moved to allow more community input or that RTAP. Trammel invites RTAP to speak during public comment.
    6. June 25 - RTAP gives public comment and asks to be placed on 23rd July Public Safety agenda to respond to Cynthia Newbille’s request for more detail
    7. July - RTAP delivers Public Safety Committee presentation
    8. September 24 - RTAP gives public comment at Public Safety Committee Meeting to demand a public forum on the data management system (as promised by Mayor Stoney); expresses concerns about SOMA Global contract
    9. September 26 - RTAP has a meeting with Chief Smith
    10. October 22 - RTAP gives public comment at Public Safety Committee meeting to pressure Council to hold RPD Chief accountable for not holding the public forum by the end of October, as he had promised. RPD Chief vows to hold public forum by the end of the year.